A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A short narrative experiment, a digital collage.
I took the source code of the game "The Serpent" by Stephen Lavelle and some Alfred Hitchcock's movie clips.

It's important that you play his game first

Beware of low-poly explicit content!

I'm not sure the MAC build works, please report bugs or crashes.

Go play some games by Increpare, they're really amazing!

Comments/criticism are welcome :)


The Strange Case Of The Serpent.zip 218 MB
The Strange Case Of The Serpent_Mac.zip 222 MB


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So I will have to think about this awhile longer, but this is one of the most interesting game experiences I have ever had. It was an incredible environment and it was so well put together.

Wow, I'm happy you liked it so much! Honestly, I'm a bit ashamed of this game, I don't like what I did. But, you know, it was just an experiment!


That's too bad you can't play this game as a player, It's sad you won't get this great experience.

I think that what worked so well for me was that it was a good mixture between cut scenes and game play. The cut scenes were so well edited and blended into the game. Also, the difference in styles between the cut scenes and the game play gave it a real- your in a dream- your in a land of symbols- kind of effect. At first I was thinking this game was an interpretation of the first one, but now I think it is more of a reaction and associations to the first game, which I enjoyed.