A downloadable game

Wander through the dreams and memories emerging from a dialogue between a grandfather and his grandchild.

While listening to someone trying to evoke its past experiences, you’ll be left dreaming of them, experiencing a stream of impressions where the memories and fantasies of both blend together in images that are at the same time personal and shared.

Promesa is an atmospheric first-person journey that will immerse you in places you’ll feel you’ve already visited.

  • A personal project born after a few conversations I had with my
    grandfather and made by a small team of 4 people.
  • A distinct visual style that mixes pixel graphics with high-def light.
  • Visit dreamlike environments inspired by Argentinian and Italian cities.
  • Every playthrough (of approximately 45 minutes) is different and it takes more than one to see all the scenes.
  • A contemplative experience that focuses on the individual relationship with space, and where the only interaction is movement.
  • An acoustic soundtrack that uses many different instruments: from piano and double-bass, to zither and harmonium


Visuals, design and development by Julián Palacios.

Thanks for their help to:

  • Jasper Meiners - Additional graphics, clarinet recordings
  • Pablo Palacios - End theme and video footage
  • Stefano Sanitate - Additional programming
  • Manuel Cattaneo - Additional graphics
  • Translations - Pablo Palacios, Martín Palacios, Cecilia Gechtman, Arnar Mar Gunnarsson

Full sounds and assets credits inside the game.

Development log